Under the Cabinet K-Cup Holders

k cup holderWhen we purchase our single serve coffee maker, the first thing we realize is that we need a way to organize and store our k-cups.  Those of us who share our home with other family members, actually need a way to store multiple brands of k-cup coffee.  Each member of the household wants to be able to find their preferred brand of coffee quickly too.  No one wants to search through boxes of k-cups just to find their own favorite in order to make a cup a coffee.

These under the cabinet K-cup holders definitely help us organize multiple coffee selections, as well as giving us quick access to what is available.  Of course, you need to take time to replace the used k-cups, but you can do that at your leisure instead of getting in a panic trying to find the desired k-cup when you just need a quick cup of coffee.

In this article, we have included several different styles with different mounting requirements so you can make your storage selection based on the way a k-cup holder is mounted to your cabinet.


K-Cup Holder Mounted to the Cabinet with Screws

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If you have selected the place in your kitchen for an under the cabinet k-cup holder and you know you will want to leave it there permanently, then this k-cup organizer will be for you.  Like any under the counter small appliance, you would drill holes in the bottom of you cabinet and screw the holder to the cabinet.

This k-cup holder pulls straight out, just like any drawer and does not tilt, so do consider your family members heights in conjunction with the final placement of the unit before you purchase.   Depending on how high your cabinets are, and how short your shortest coffee drinker is, you may prefer a unit that will tilt or is hinged to drop down.

It holds 30 k-cups and comes as a drawer unit on slides, therefore it is not likely to give you any problems when opening and closing on a daily basis.

Note: The photo here may be a bit deceptive in appearance. The door does not tilt down.


Hinged K-Cup Holder Mounted to the Cabinet with Screws or Tape

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This under the cabinet k-cup holder comes with both screws and tape, so you decide which you prefer for mounting. Take your time and carefully attach this unit because you don’t want to move it once it is installed. Obviously, that would be true for anything you have to drill holes to mount, but it is also true if you are using the adhesive tape. Anytime you move it, the tape will lose some, if not all, of it holding ability.

As you can see in the photo below, this k-cup holder tilts down so you can see the k-cups from front to back. When closed, it fits snugly against the bottom of our cabinet.

Holds 24 k-cups

under the cabinet k cup holder


Under the Shelf K-Cup Holder

 Mind Reader Mind Reader “Slider” Under Cupboard/In Cupboard Coffee Pod Storage DrawerCheck PriceNot everyone lives in a purchased house where they can just start drilling holes in the cabinets.  Even if you do live in an owned home, you may not want to drill holes in your cabinets.  Therefore, we have featured this option for you to consider.

This k-cup holder actually fits under a shelf inside your cabinet instead of under the cabinet. It is a really good compromise for apartment dwellers where you need storage space, but would lose your security deposit if you drilled into the cabinets.

There are 2 metal bars (as you can see in the photo) that slide on top of the shelf while the enclosed drawer is underneath the shelf. There is a “tab” that keeps the entire unit from moving when you pull out the k-cup drawer.

This k-cup holders will hold 30 pods – no assembly required


This article focuses on “under the counter” k-cup holders, but you may prefer a k-cup holder dispenser that fits inside the cabinet door, pantry door or even mounted on the wall.

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