Flavored Spoons & Stirrers for Coffee

flavored spoons & stirrers for coffeeWhen you want to add a little extra zing to your coffee, or perhaps totally change the flavor of the brew, these flavored spoons or flavored stirrers for coffee are perfect!  No need to buy specialty coffee blends when we can get the desired occasional additive with a simple stir-in flavor.

These flavored coffee spoons and stirrers are great for parties, receptions, teas, or whatever get together you are planning.  In most cases, they come individually wrapped which is a definite plus.  None of us what strangers fingering something we are going to drink.  I am a huge proponent of anything that reduces spreading germs, especially in flu season.

These flavored spoons allow us, as the host, to purchase one basic coffee blend and our guests to easily alter the taste to suit themselves.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know some days I like a bit of honey in my coffee and on other occasions I love a touch of chocolate.  These stirrers are perfect for those moments.

The honey stirrers would also be great with hot tea!  If you plan to entertain both coffee and tea drinkers, it would be a wonderful selection for your special event.


Chocolate Spoons, French Vanilla, Caramel Spoons or Honey Spoons for Coffee


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Add Sugar or Peppermint to Your Coffee

Peppermint is a huge favored flavor during the holidays!  Everyone loves the smell of peppermint.  The Peppermint would make a fabulous special coffee treat for the Christmas party or to have on hand in our homes for guests.

 Melville Candy Chocolate peppermint Stirrers, 0.5-Ounce (Pack of 8)Check Price Dryden & Palmer Barista Crystal Sticks – 100 Diamond White Sticks 21 oz/595 g – Perfect For Hot Tea & CoffeeCheck Price

The Sugar Stick Stirrers (shown above) would be awesome anytime, anywhere!  They are a great way to sweeten coffee without using granular sugar.  They would be so much easier on the hostess than the spilled sugar that seem to be inevitable at any gathering where coffee or tea is served.  Cubed sugar is will eliminate the sugar spills, but you still need spoons.  The Sugar Stick Stirrers eliminate the need for silverware and eliminate spills while allowing your guests to easily sweeten their cup of coffee.  Plus, they are very pretty, even elegant, in appearance for those upscale occasions like wedding receptions.

One Note:  The Sugar Stick Stirrers are not individually wrapped, so you may want to purchase wrappers separately.


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Flavored Spoons & Flavored Stirrers

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