Decorative and Practical Wood Coffee Trays

decorative & practical coffee traysAnything that is both decorative and practical is welcome in my kitchen!  These coffee trays are perfect for serving coffee to guests or to a sweetheart in bed.  They are also beautiful decorative pieces when not being used.

You can either hang them on the wall or lean them against the wall to be decorative in the kitchen.  Then, when you are ready to actually use them, simply reach out and grab them right off the wall.  I have a short back-splash piece above my kitchen counters that makes the perfect “lip” to rest a slender tray upon and it won’t slip across the counter.  However, in our previous home, I did not have that little ledge available so I had to hang my coffee trays on the wall.  That is actually pretty cool because they look like pictures hanging on the kitchen wall.

Coffee trays are wonderful when entertaining.  They allow you to place a coffee carafe, coffee cups, spoons & stirrers, napkins, creamers and sugar on the tray and carry them all at one time to your serving area or table.  If you are hosting an outdoor party, they are an absolute must to keep from having to constantly run in and out of the house to set up a coffee bar.

Since they are such a fabulous aid to a hostess, it is truly wonderful when they can be used as decorative pieces instead of stored away in cabinets and hard to find when needed.

Here are some practical and decorative coffee trays that would be lovely in any home.


Coffee Subway Art Tray

decorative and practical coffee tray

Coffee Subway Art Tray by LongEaredDesigns

I tend to prefer a tray that has handles.  I simply find a tray easier to carry when it has handholds.   I also prefer that the handles be part of the actual carved or forged piece.   They are not going to pull off when I am carrying a heavy laden tray.

I also prefer a coffee tray with sides in case the items on the tray start to slide around.  The sides will help to keep them from falling and hitting the floor.

This is a really nice sized serving tray at 11″ x 17″.  Large enough to accommodate the coffee necessities.

They tray does not come with a hanger on the back.   You would need to attach one yourself, or perhaps you would prefer displaying this beautiful tray on an easel.   It would also be quite lovely hanging on the kitchen wall.


Shabby Chic White Coffee Serving Tray

coffee serving tray

Shabby Serving Tray, Wite Large Wooden Serving Tray, Decorative Paris, Housewarming Gift by YWart

Shabby Chic styles are always beautiful and always appealing.  This white coffee serving tray with lovely pink roses captures the essence of Shabby Chic.

It is a visual palette of beauty that transports us mentally to Paris, France with just once glance.  How beautifully romantic, yet also quite practical.

This painted wooden coffee tray features the curved out handles for easy hold and carry.  It also has the sides to hold items in place.

The Shabby Chic serving tray is large measuring at 22″ x 12 3/4″.  For this particular tray, I would recommend displaying it on an ottoman or coffee table when using for decorative purposes.


Ottoman Coffee Tray

In addition to being practical and decorative, each of these coffee trays are individual works of art.  While they are all beautiful, each one appeals for a different style, color or size.

This gorgeous coffee tray is larger than other two featured trays.  It measures 20″ x 30″.  The craftsman that created this exceptional piece actually refers to it as an ottoman tray and I can certainly understand why.  You are not likely to want to pick this tray up and carry it, especially when fully loaded with coffee supplies.  This is a very special piece that calls you to come to it in more ways than one.

decorative coffee tray

Mahogany Ottoman Tray by Matthew Hensley




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  1. These decorative trays are so pretty, as well as being practical.

  2. Susan says:

    Beautiful, all three choices! I love that these coffee trays are practical as well as decorative. I think the subway art tray suits me best, though I wouldn’t turn down either of the other two. They’d make wonderful gifts, too.

  3. Barbara says:

    These are beautiful! Love all three of them – good gift idea for mother’s day (serve up her breakfast in bed on it) – I’m with you, a coffee tray with sides would be my preference as well.

  4. Heather says:

    I love all these decorative coffee trays, but the subway art one is my favorite!

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