Coffee-mate Creamer Packets

For those who travel or simply have very active lives away from home, these awesome creamer packets are the perfect companion for your instant coffee packets.  Coffee-mate has been around for decades, actually for my entire life.  It is an excellent powder substitute for milk or cream in your coffee!

Most likely you are already familiar with the large containers of Coffeemate, but you may not know that Coffee-mate is also available in these fabulous little travel packets.

 Original Powdered Creamer 3 Gram Packets 50/BoxCheck Price

Even if you are not using instant coffee packets, ensuring that you have a great tasting coffee creamer for your coffee away from home can be essential to enjoying a delicious cup of java.

These packets come in a box of 50, but the box is compact enough that it is easy to store in a cabinet or pantry.  The packets themselves are flat and sturdy enough to slip in to a pocket or wallet without the risk of accidentally opening, yet they are easy to tear open at the top when you are ready to use them.

This powdered creamer is a lot more convenient to carry around than any liquid creamer and it is a lot less likely to be inadvertently opened or crushed.  Since the taste of Coffee-mate is outstanding, there really is no need to take changes with liquid products.

With these Coffee-mate packets, there is truly never a reason to be without a delicious creamer for your coffee.