McCafe Coffee K-Cups

McCafe Coffee K-Cup BlendsWe are constantly searching for new coffee brands and blends to taste test, but sometimes we forget to try the obvious.

McDonald’s has long been a reliable restaurant for a great cup of coffee.  Even when traveling to other countries, we can depend on McDonald’s Restaurant to serve a delicious and hot cup of coffee.  Therefore, it should be no surprise whatsoever that they produce several wonderful coffee blends in k-cups.

Our team has taste-tested 3 different McCafe blends.  Each one receives the mark of excellence from Koffee Kingdom.


McCafe Coffee K-Cup Pods Blends

McCafe is dependable to consistently deliver a delicious cup of coffee with their k-cup pods.  The premium roast is a smooth blend that makes the perfect early morning cup of coffee.  For those of you who prefer a stronger taste, we can highly recommend either the French Roast or the Colombian blend.  The Colombian dark roast blend being the strongest.

With a choice in brew size on the Keurig Coffee Maker, it is easy to find just the right strength with either of these k-cups.  The larger option on the coffee machine adds more water for more coffee with a “lighter” taste.  Therefore, the smaller cup will make a stronger cup of brew.

 McCafe French Roast, K-Cups, 6.2 Ounce 18 CountCheck Price Premium Roast K-Cup Packs, 6.2 oz – 18 countCheck Price MCCAFE K-Cup Pods Coffee, Colombian, 18 CountCheck Price


McCafe for Dinners and Parties

If you are hosting a dinner or party, the McCafe blends would be a wonderful selection of choices to offer your guests.  There is truly the “right blend” option for every coffee drinker on your list.  Plus, they are not cost prohibitive.  McCafe k-cup pods are quite affordable, especially if bought in the larger quantity boxes. There is also a decaf blend available.

Coffee is always delicious with dessert at any gathering!


McCafe Coffee K-Cup Blends