Coffee Mugs for Sweethearts

Coffee Mugs for CouplesIt is so wonderful to start the day with a reminder that we are loved.   Coffee mugs for sweethearts are a simple way to tell your partner that you love them, even if you aren’t even in the same room. 

We can’t always start our days or drink our morning coffee with our one and only sweetheart, so it is pretty awesome when they have given us a message of love to use with or without them present.   These coffee mugs say if for us.

You may also decide that you want matching coffee mugs!


Romantic Coffee Mug Set

This is a very romantic coffee mug set with a touch of elegance in the design.
 Couples MugsCheck Price

The coffee mug with the female say “Let’s have coffee together” and the cup with the male says “for the rest of our lives”.

This is coffee mug set with a really sweet sentiment especially when they are viewed together.  But even apart, each partner knows what the other mug says and how to finish that thought.

When I first saw this sweetheart coffee mugs set, I thought the female cup would most likely belong to the female in the relationship.  On second thought, I think I would prefer to give my husband the cup with the female cameo and for me to keep the cup with the male cameo.

I would love to know which cup you would choose as your own and which you would give to your partner.


Cat Coffee Mug Set

 ilyever 2 Pack Funny Cute Cat Coffee MugsCheck Price

Because you know exactly how to make her purr, or maybe you just think he is the cat’s meow, this cat coffee mug set would be “purr”fect for you!

Of course, they are also really cute!  They are matching except that one is black and one is white.

When we just see the cat mugs, we assume the owners just like cats.  However, the couple know the hidden secret and message behind the selection.

These coffee mugs would be a lot of fun to give and share.  Not to mention the opportunity to explain your gift choice.


Seahorse Couple Coffee Mug

 TropicalLife Sea Animal Seahorse Coffee Mug,CeramicCheck Price


This would be a really pretty choice for a couples coffee mug!

Instead of having a saying on the mug, you simply say “I choose you!” with the image of the seahorses on the coffee mug.

Again, this is a message that only the two of you would understand.  Otherwise, anyone else would only see a pretty picture, but you see the meaning.

You may even choose to purchase two of these mugs so you each have one use and “see” the reminder every day.



Beautiful & Unique Coffee Mugs for Sweethearts on Etsy

There are some really awesome and unique coffee mugs created by the designers on Etsy. Some could even be personalized just for the two of you. You are not likely to see most of the mugs anywhere and everywhere. That, alone, makes the selection at Etsy magnificent.

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More Couples Mugs on Etsy!


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Coffee Mugs for Sweethearts