Unique Coffee Coasters

CoastersEvery home needs an abundance of coffee coasters!  I hate hosting a party and not having enough coffee coasters to go around.  Actually, my furniture pays the price and I guarantee you, it is not worth it.  Those moisture rings that ruin wood by forever leaving their mark are not anything any of us want.  Even a glass table or counter top looks bad until you have to time to wipe it off.  Worse yet, is if the moisture ends up staining clothes or seeps into places it would never belong before you even notice it is there.

Therefore, I believe in having an abundance of coffee coasters.  I have a set, or two, sitting in every room of my home just so I can quickly move if I see a drink about to be set down.  Because I have a variety in taste, I also have a variety of coffee coasters.  They fit perfectly into my eclectic home decor.


Tile Coffee Coasters

Tile coffee coasters are my first choice for my kitchen and dining room. They always add a square of beauty on my counter tops or dining room table.  Since they are easy for guests to see, they do get used.  I have found that a coaster that matches or blends in with the color are most often overlooked.  Especially when they are competing with serving dishes, trivets or even pots & pans simply because they are smaller in size.

 Set of 4 Marble Coasters – GaleriaCheck Price

This set of coasters is handmade, so you are not going to see them everywhere you go. The artist uses real prints that she has transferred on to the tiles. She offers over 50 different beautiful images that have been featured on her tile coaster sets.
To view her entire collection, simply click here.
There are 4 to a set and each tile is 4″ x 4″.


Wood Coffee Coasters

 Personalized Wood Coaster SetCheck Price

In my den, I tend to prefer wood coffee coasters that compliment my console and end tables, but they do need engraved images so they stand out distinctly from my table tops.

This stately tree is such a beauty that you will almost hate to cover it with a coffee mug.  It is that beauty though that allows us to leave the coaster out and displayed on a wood table.

The tree is sold in sets of 4 and can be personalized to your specifications.  They are also handmade and measure 3.5″ x 3.5″.

Sugar Tree Gallery offers over 40 beautiful designs.  They even have one that says, “All you need is love … AND COFFEE”.   Gotta love that one for sure!
To see the entire collection, simply click here.

Patriotic Coffee Coasters

 Laser Engraved Marble Coaster SetCheck Price

Patriotic coffee coasters will compliment any room!  They reflect our pride in our country and serve as a constant reminder that we have much to be grateful for.  The eagle with an American flag background is the perfect symbol of true American patriotism.

The image is laser engraved on black marble which makes these coasters visually stunning.  This set also comes with the black metal stand you see in the photo.

There are 4 coasters plus the holder in this set.
Timber Creek Country offers more styles in their store and you can see their complete line by clicking here.

More Unique and Beautiful Coasters

Styles and preferences vary from home to home.  We each choose something that catches our eye or something that is meaningful to us.  Here are a few more coaster sets that strike me as unique and/or beautiful.

 Coffee Lover CoastersCheck Price Cute Wooden Panda CoastersCheck Price Lighthouse, Set of Four Coasters, Slate Coaster Set, Personalized CoasterCheck Price

Of course, any of these coaster sets make great gifts!

Coffee Coaster Sets