Cafe Du Monde Coffee & Chicory Reviewed

Can of Cafe Du Monde Coffee & Cafe Du Monde Beignet mixJust about everyone who has been to New Orleans has visited the famous Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets (French doughnuts).  Once you have had them, you will want more!

Fortunately for all of us, Cafe Du Monde offers their name brand ground coffee and beignet mix packaged for wide spread distribution.  Therefore, we don’t have to make a special trip to New Orleans to enjoy a cup of Cafe Du Monde chicory coffee.  We can leisurely enjoy a freshly brewed cup in our own home.  We can even make our own beignets for breakfast with the mix.  Would you believe I have personally be making beignets with the boxed mix for over 30 years?  Admittedly, they aren’t quite as good as the huge beignets you are served at Cafe Du Monde, but my family loves them.  And, I have had several guests request them when they return for another visit.


Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory in a Can

 Cafe Du Monde,15 oz(Pack of 2)Check PriceChicory was originally added to coffee grounds in order to stretch the limited coffee reserves during the Civil War of America.   When I first tried Cafe Du Monde chicory coffee, I had no idea chicory was made from the root of a specific type of lettuce plant called endive.  I simply knew I liked the strong taste of a cup of chicory coffee.  It is especially divine when served with a beignet topped with powdered sugar.  They really do make a lovely and complimentary combination.

Cafe Du Monde coffee is part dark roast coffee and part ground roasted chicory.  I have heard that the chicory cuts the bitter taste of the dark roast coffee.  I can only assume that is correct since the Cafe Du Monde Chicory Coffee makes a delicious cup of coffee.  Beware though, it is a strong, bold taste.  Some of our friends add milk, but we drink our Cafe Du Monde coffee black.


 Cafe Du Monde Coffee And Beignet Mix Set – One Can Of Cafe Du Monde Coffee And Chicory And One Box of Beignet MixCheck Price