Pretty & Disposable Coffee Stirrers

Pretty Disposable Coffee StirrersWe are all familiar with the wooden or plastic sticks used in offices and restaurants for stirring coffee. However, when we are hosting a party in our homes, we prefer something pretty, yet practical and disposable.

Why disposable? Simply because cleaning up after a party is often a lot of work. Washing dishes is really never fun. Therefore, disposable coffee stirrers offer guests a sanitary way to stir their coffee and throw away the stirrer instead of using spoons that require washing.

Pretty disposable coffee stirrers simply look more attractive on our party tables!


Pretty Disposable Coffee Stirrer

 Healthcom 300 Count Disposable Coffee Tea Spoon Stir Swizzle Sticks Plastic Food Grade Coffee Stirrers Mini Tea Stirrer Spoon,WhiteCheck PricePlace the pretty coffee stirrers alongside the sugar packets and creamer cups on a your coffee serving table.   You might even wish to discreetly set a small trash bag lined trash can at the side of your coffee buffet for easy disposal after use.

Coffee stirrers don’t have to be ugly wood or plastic sticks.  These pretty disposable coffee stirrers would make a lovely presentation on your table.  Yet, they are just as practical and disposable as the sticks.

Since white compliments any china, everyday or formal, these white stir sticks are the perfect choice.  They even have a little “spoon” scoop end to offer a more efficient stirring experience.  Plus, a guest could easily measure a portion of sugar from a sugar bowl without wasting the remaining contents of an entire sugar packet.

The top decorative end adds a lovely finished touch.


Additional Pretty Coffee Stirrers for Parties or Dinners

Alternatively, you may prefer the more colorful party stir sticks that add a festive flare to your coffee serving table.  Since they are also disposable, they make the after party clean-up easier.

 Arbor Home Mini Food Grade Plastic Coffee Tea Beverage Stirrers Spoon Colorful Disposable Sticks Bar Tool 60 Counts Pack Of 2 BagsCheck Price

Pretty Disposable Coffee Stirrers for Parties & Buffet Tables

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