Funny Coffee Serving Trays

Funny-Coffee-Serving-TraysOK, let’s get serious here. I love coffee and I love humor. So I found these funny coffee serving trays. Any one is just perfect for me. They would make idea gifts for an earnest coffee lover like me. Well, especially if they also like to laugh.

Funny Coffee Quotes

Just imagine this scenario. You have several friends over to enjoy a good cup of coffee with you. You fill your serving tray with the coffee pot, cups, and a plate of treats. You set the tray on the table in front of your guests.

As they take their cups away, something interesting begins showing on the serving tray. One of your guests realizes it’s a quote. So she moves everything off the tray to read it. Before you know it, all your guests are laughing out loud. Now, that’s a great way to kick off a coffee party.

Favorite Funny Coffee Serving Trays

I feature each of these serving trays because they all on my wishlist. I still haven’t decided which one I’m getting for myself, but I’m ever hopeful that someone will give me a second one as a gift. Now, that would be great. Several funny coffee serving trays. Maybe one in each of the two sizes available. A smaller one for smaller gatherings and a larger one for parties.