Instant Coffee Packets for Travel

Tasters Choice Coffee PacketWhether you are traveling, sightseeing, going to work, visiting a friend, or simply want a quick cup of coffee at home, these instant coffee packets are fast, easy and convenient.  All you need in addition to the coffee packet, is a cup of hot water.  Yes, I have made instant coffee with extremely hot water from the tap, so a coffee pot or kettle is not absolutely necessary.

I hate traveling without my own coffee.  Sometimes, if we are lucky, a hotel will provide instant coffee packets in each room, but most often that is an “extra” that they have eliminated to cut costs.  Since I require my morning cup of coffee, eliminating my coffee can have serious consequences ranging from irritability to headaches.

I also want my coffee as soon as I get up.  Not an hour or two later when I make my way down to a cafe for breakfast.  Therefore, I always carry my own instant coffee packets with me when I travel.

 Nescafe Coffee, Taster’s Choice Stick Packs, Original , 80 CountCheck Price

My personal favorite is an old standard in instant coffee.  I still prefer Nescafe’s Taster’s Choice instant coffee.  There is obviously a real talent to making a really good freeze dried instant coffee.  I have tried several leading brands of coffee that I love when brewed, but their instant coffee counterpart is simply not good.

These packets are extremely convenient to carry since they are small individual packets.  One packet is used for each cup of coffee.  Keeping a few packets with me at all times, ensures a great cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.  Well, at least where there is hot water!