Thanksgiving Coffee Mugs and Coffee

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and it is definitely time to get out my Thanksgiving coffee mugs and seasonal coffee. Starting my mornings with a Thanksgiving blend coffee served in my Thanksgiving turkey mug, gets me in the mood for Thanksgiving, cooking and family time.

Just the aroma of that seasonal coffee blend evokes memories of Thanksgivings past and inspires me to start planning for the best Thanksgiving ever, surrounded by friends and family. I will, of course, serve them all the Thanksgiving blend coffee in a turkey mug or a pilgrim coffee mug.


Beautiful Thanksgiving Turkey Coffee Mugs

 Set of 4 Queen’s Myott By Churchill Multi-color Thanksgiving Turkey MugsCheck Price

The first Thanksgiving image that comes to mind whenever we think about Thanksgiving is the turkey. Even people who do not eat turkey can appreciate the beauty of this turkey coffee mug with its beautiful green and brown motif.

With their lovely style and appeal, these turkey coffee mugs would be appropriate in just about any setting, including the office.

This Thanksgiving mug would also be a beautiful addition to your Thanksgiving dinner table, a Thanksgiving luncheon or gathering where you desire to celebrate the holidays without being offensive to anyone. Of course, they would also be the perfect compliment to the Thanksgiving activity of actually baking your turkey and Thanksgiving meal.

Since it features a live turkey, even animal activists will appreciate the beauty of the bird.


Thanksgiving Pilgrim Coffee Mugs

 Vintage-style THANKSGIVING MEMORIES Retro art ceramic MUG Bethany LoweCheck Price

The History buff will certainly appreciate this gorgeous Thanksgiving coffee mug. Many of us will simply love the vintage artwork with the children dressed in pilgrim attire.

Be sure to take note of the little turkey inside the mug. That “extra” picture completes the overall Thanksgiving design and adds a little something to make us giggle as we drink our morning coffee. It would certainly provoke a bit of fun conversation as we share our morning coffee with a co-worker or friend.

These coffee mugs are part of a limited edition designed by Bethany Lowe, so if you want to add these coffee cups to your collection, don’t wait. They may well sell out soon. Then they would only be available on the secondary markets.


Thanksgiving Coffee Blend

Seasonal specialty coffee blends are always a fun way to celebrate the holidays. For many years now, Starbucks has released an annual seasonal blend of coffee just for us. The 2014 Thanksgiving blend consists of dark roast Sumatra and Guatemala’s Antigua region beans mixed with a gentle blend of spices, herbs and cocoa.

The k-cups are always the most convenient for Keurig coffee maker owners, but there is nothing more stimulating than the smell of the whole coffee bean being freshly ground. Well, perhaps drinking the coffee is actually more stimulating, but I do love the smell of fresh ground coffee.

 Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend Whole Bean Coffee 2014 – 16 OzCheck Price Starbucks 2014 Thanksgiving Blend K Cups – 12 CupsCheck Price


More Thanksgiving Coffee Mugs

There are dozens of Thanksgiving coffee mugs available. I selected only a few to feature, but if you would like to see the complete line, please click the link provided here: Thanksgiving coffee mugs


May You All Have a Wonderful & Happy Thanksgiving!



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  1. Susan says:

    Oh, these Thanksgiving coffees look great to me! I love flavored coffees and then to enjoy them with a great coffee cup just for the holiday – perfect!

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