Attractive Coffee Thermos Tote Bags

Coffee Thermos Tote BagsCoffee lovers everywhere enjoy carrying their favorite blend in a thermos to work, school, or just about anywhere we go.  What we hate, is dropping our thermos and banging it up.  Unfortunately, it is all too easy to drop a thermos, especially if we are trying to carry several things all at once.  Therefore, having a coffee thermos tote bag is a wonderful idea!

The coffee thermos tote bags featured in this article come with a thermos, 2 coffee cups, and some supplies.  That certainly makes them an excellent, unique gift set for any coffee enthusiast.

Because I am particular about the thermos I carry, I would probably replace the included thermos with my preference.  But, I would keep the included thermos as a back-up or a second thermos if needed.


The Coffee Traveler Tote Bag

Thermos Tote Bag

Coffee Traveler by JWagBags on Etsy

This is such a pretty tote bag!  It makes me want to find a reason to pack up and go somewhere.

The inside thermos compartment is insulated and water-resistant.  As I mentioned earlier, the tote comes with the thermos, 2 cups, coffee, tea, and additives.

Because these thermos tote makes are handmade, you can also request a customized order with JWagBags on Etsy.  The totes are made in a smoke-free, pet-free environment, which is extremely important for anyone who suffers with allergies.

The Coffee Traveler Tote Bag measures 15″ X 10.5″ X 4″.  As you can see in the photo, it also features a large outside pocket which would be perfect for carrying extra odds and ins.  Perhaps, even a book!

What a wonderful idea!  Grab your thermos of coffee, a good book and take a break outside, away from the ringing phones and everyday disturbances at home or at work.


Thermos Tote Bag

This thermos tote bag is a slightly different fabric design and color, but still quite lovely.  And, just as functional as the featured bag above.

Thermos Tote Bag


Coffee Thermos Tote Bags




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