Enameled Steel Coffee Mugs

Enameled Steel Coffee MugsWe associate enameled steel coffee mugs with camping and the great outdoors, but they are just as serviceable for daily use. There are some very real benefits to using enameled steel coffee cups instead of ceramic mugs.

Many of us simply prefer them for nostalgic reasons. They remind us of years past and sitting around an open camp fire drinking coffee without a care in the world. It is nice to have something that can transport us back to yesteryear and a simpler life. But, there are a few other reasons why they might be preferred for daily use today.


Enameled Steel Coffee Mug in the Popular Speckled Design

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Benefits of Enameled Steel Over Ceramic

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Aside from nostalgia, let me point out the benefits of enameled steel and why they are a better fit for some of us.


  1. Enameled steel will not break like ceramic mugs
  2. Lightweight
  3. Can sit on top of a hot fire or stove to warm
  4. Easy to carry in a backpack
  5. Dishwasher Safe

Note: Enameled Steel is Not Microwavable



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Don’t Be Fooled by Name Brands

There are certain name brands that have been associated with the best camping equipment for many generations.  However, several of those old reliable companies have been bought out and now rely on name recognition, not on quality.  Unfortunately, we must be careful to not be fooled when buying coffee mugs that say they are enamel mugs for camping.  They are often made of aluminum and not steel.  Be sure you check the metal used before purchasing enameled cups.  You don’t want aluminum cups with a thin layer of enamel that will easily chip and peel.

Enameled Steel Coffee Cups