Decaf Coffee in K-cups

Delicious Decaf CoffeeThere are definitely times when Decaf coffee is a necessity.  Most of us can’t drink caffeinated coffee after dinner and still sleep a few short hours later.  However, we do love a delicious cup of coffee with dessert.  Therefore, Decaf coffee is a must!

Decaffeinated coffee is NOT completely caffeine free, but it is mostly caffeine free.  Coffee that is labeled “decaf” went through a process to remove the caffeine before the green beans were roasted.  So, you will get a little caffeine regardless.  Just not anywhere near as much as you would with a regular cup of coffee.


Recommended Decaf Coffee

Community Coffee Café Special Decaf, Medium-Dark Roast, 18 Count Single Serve Coffee Pods, Compatible with Keurig K-Cup BrewersCommunity Coffee Café Special Decaf, Medium-Dark Roast, 18 Count Single Serve Coffee Pods, Compatible with Keurig K-Cup BrewersCheck PriceIt is actually kind of hard to find a tasty decaffeinated coffee.  Most of the time, it is pretty flavorless. That may have more to do with how the caffeine is removed from the coffee bean than anything else.

Honestly, I have only found one decaf coffee available in a k-cup that I can recommend.  Cafe Special Decaf by Community Coffee.  On the front label, it claims to be smooth and full-flavored.  I’ve found that statement to be true.  It is a rich, delicious cup of coffee in spite of the fact that it is decaffeinated.

Like most coffee on the market today, this coffee is made from Arabica beans.  That explains the delicious taste, but it is still pretty amazing that there is such a thing as a good cup of decaf coffee.


Community Coffee Cafe Special Decaf in a Bag

This coffee is also available in the bag. It is not limited to the popular k-cup. If you prefer to ground your own coffee. Or, if you don’t have a Keurig coffee maker yet, you can still enjoy this delicious decaffeinated coffee.

 Community Coffee Cafe Special Ground Coffee, Decaffeinated, 12 ozCheck Price Community Coffee Instant Coffee, Decaffeinated, 7 Ounce (Pack of 4)Check Price Community Coffee Premium Ground Café Special Decaffeinated Medium-Dark Roast Coffee, 3.0oz 20 ctCheck Price

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