Coffee Themed Wall Clocks to Liven Up the Kitchen

 XSHION Wooden Wall ClockA simple, easy way to display your love of coffee is with coffee themed wall clocks. There are a quite a few out there with different themes (vintage, advertising, modern…) so you can find one that will fit with your current kitchen color scheme or theme.

Clocks are a two-fer, meaning you can have decor and functionality in one. A coffee themed wall clock will convey your love of the rich umber liquid as well as having the time of day at just a glance.

The trick is to find the perfect clock for your tastes, color scheme and themes. It doesn’t have to be a “coffee themed” kitchen. It can be a whimsical or vintage touch to bring more depth to the room.

Art Style Coffee Themed Wall Clocks

This option appeals to a lot of people. Wall art is so varied depending on the artist him/herself. It might be all metal or mixed media like metal and resin. It can be modern by being a bit more abstract in design or the design exaggerated is some way . This style definitely appeals to a lot of people out there and thank goodness there are plenty to choose from.

 Allen DesignsCheck Price Steamin’ Tea Clock Allen Studio DesignsCheck Price Allen Designs COFFEE PLEASE Pendulum Wall ClockCheck Price

Vintage and “Message” Coffee Themed Wall Clocks

I will admit, this is the style I tend to lean towards. That doesn’t mean the whole kitchen design has to be vintage. You can use a small touch like a coffee themed wall clock to just add the suggestions of vintage or retro design. My absolute favorite style of decorating is eclectic. I like to mix lots of styles and eras into something that is uniquely my own.

The vintage advertising or message clocks are a lot of fun and add depth to a rooms design. You didn’t realize one small item could do so much, did you?

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Yes, A Clock is a Nice Touch

 Young’s Wood Take Life Coffee Wall Clock, 13.75Check PriceI know, I know… nowadays there are digital clocks on most microwaves and stoves. However, if yours is like mine, when you are cooking the “clock” function is not displaying. I just have a reflex reaction to looking around for a clock on the wall — as I think most people do.

Coffee themed wall clocks will fit with most kitchens, well, because it’s coffee and that’s where it lives. You don’t have to have a coffee theme or certain color scheme for it to look great. As a matter of fact, most of us would prefer for a clock to “pop” or jump out at you so you catch the time in a glance.

Consider a coffee themed wall clock for your kitchen. I think you’ll love it as much as I do!