The Best Thermos Available Today

Best Thermos Available TodaySelecting the best thermos is not always easy!  It can actually be rather difficult to find one that truly works well without leaking.  We also want a thermos that will keep our liquids at the desired temperature and not lukewarm.

When my son was in college, it became quite a project to find a thermos that was also small enough to fit easily into his backpack, but still hold a sufficient amount of liquid.  He wanted cold beverages during the spring and summer months, but hot beverages during the fall and winter.  We tried several different thermoses before we found the perfect solution.


The Best Thermos

It will come as no surprise to many of our readers to learn that the best thermos is actually manufactured by Thermos, the genuine brand.

This thermos is vacuum insulated with a stainless steel double wall. It really does keep hot liquids like coffee or hot chocolate hot, not warm, but hot for up to 12 hours. It also keeps cold liquids cold for 24 hours.
 Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Compact Bottle, Midnight Blue
Also Available in Cranberry Color
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It holds 16 ounces, yet is small enough that it fits nicely inside a standard size backpack.  That brings me to another excellent feature.  This thermos will not sweat.  That is extremely important when you are carrying it in any type of tote along with papers, books, folders, etc.

When you are using it for hot liquids, the exterior stays cool to the touch.

It also seals tight which means not spillage or leakage.  Another extremely important factor when selecting one to literally carry around all day.  His thermos has a few dents, dings and scratches now, but it is unbreakable and continues to work perfectly well.

I should also include that the lid doubles as a cup.  Just be sure to dry out the lid before you screw it back on.  Otherwise, the lid itself will leak.

Note: I do run boiling water in the thermos before I fill it with coffee. That heats up the inside in advance. I suspect that is one of the biggest reasons it will kept the coffee hot longer.


More Options and Sizes

The Thermos Stainless King is also available in larger sizes.  The 16 ounce was simply the size my son needed for easy carry.

Also, I have focused on beverages in this article, but there are also options and sizes available for food.  Those thermoses are wider and have a wider opening, but are otherwise basically the same.  You will note below that some of them also have handles.  My son did not desire a handle because he didn’t want the handle catching on anything.  He needed it to smoothly slide in and out of the backpack.

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