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Whether you are planning a party, a dinner with friends, or simply breakfast for two, coffee carafes can make hosting a lot easier. Over the years, I have used several different coffee carafes to help me serve coffee. I love being able to set a carafe full of coffee on the buffet or dinner table. I also enjoy matching the carafe with the selected dinnerware to give my table a “complete” look and appeal.


The All Purpose White Coffee Carafe

 Crestware SC64W Swirl Coffee Carafe, 64-Ounce, WhiteCheck Price

I use my white coffee carafe when I am setting up a buffet table. It coordinates best with a variety of serving pieces and plates. For a little added style, I like the carafe with the swirl pattern for an added dash of beauty.

This particular carafe holds 64 ounces. I use two at a time, which truly is perfect when hosting a gathering of varied preferences. Most often, I have one that is filled with regular coffee and a second carafe of decaffeinated coffee.

One thing to keep in mind with any of the larger coffee carafes, they will not keep the coffee hot for hours. If you need one for a few guests or one that will stay hot for hours, I recommend using smaller carafes and refilling them as needed.


Emsa Coffee Carafe

 Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, BlueCheck Price

Blue has always been my favorite color. My everyday china is the Cobalt Blue Fiesta dinnerware and the Emsa Carafe is the perfect complementary choice for my table.

The Emsa Carafe does come in a variety of colors and sizes so it should be fairly easy to select one that complements your dinnerware and meets your needs as well.

Another point of interest about the Emsa carafe, mine is well over 20 years old, so they are definitely made to last!

Perfect for hot coffee, hot tea or even hot chocolate. It keeps cold beverages cold too. I have served a variety of liquids from my Emsa carafe over the years. I can personally recommend this carafe without reservation.


Oggi Stainless Steel Coffee Carafe

 Oggi Avalon Carafe with Press Button Top and Stainless Steel Liner-Brushed Stainless, 2-LiterCheck Price

When it comes to heating longevity, there is nothing that can compare with the Stainless Steel Coffee Carafe. It will keep your coffee hot for hours and not just a few hours, but all day.

This is easily the coffee carafe I would most highly recommend if you are not trying to match dinnerware or party plates.

The durability and functionality of a stainless steel carafe is matchless.

The Oggi Stainless Steel Coffee Carafe is available in several styles and colors.

Wouldn’t the red be perfect for Christmas!


 Clarisa Stainless Steel Double Wall Carafe – Red (54 oz.)Check Price Oggi Gusto Carafe with Press Button Top and Glass Liner, 1-Liter, WhiteCheck Price Oggi Lustre Clarisa Carafe, BlackCheck Price

Pre-Heating Tip When Using any Coffee Carafe

Regardless of which style, color, brand, or construction material, coffee will stay hot longer if you start by running hot water in the carafe before you add your coffee. This will heat up the interior of the carafe in advance.


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  1. Diana says:

    Cobalt blue has always been such a favorite color of mine, also. My dishes are ringed with that color. So many great coffee carafe options here. I use a carafe on almost a daily basis. Every coffee lover, or host/hostess, needs at least one or two of these carafes.

  2. Susan says:

    OK, I am totally in love with that red one! What a great way to serve coffee. It is perfect for my annual holiday open house!

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