Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Make a perfect cup of coffeeMaking a perfect cup of coffee at home isn’t difficult when you take a few things into consideration. Learning how to make a perfect cup of coffee is simple. Here are those tips and considerations for you.

Start with Freshly Roasted to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

The coffee grounds you use to make your coffee makes a huge difference. It really does. The freshest roasted coffee is what you want to strive for. That most likely means that your grocery store coffee isn’t going to be fresh enough to make that perfect cup of coffee. You’ll need to find a place where you can actually get freshly roasted coffee beans.

Coffee roasting companies are all over the place. You will just need to find one that is local to you. Nearly all are happy to sell you a bag or two of their coffee beans. You don’t need to buy bulk quantities. Make sure to freeze your freshly roasted coffee. This will help keep that flavor longer.

Grind Your Own Fresh Coffee Beans

In the same idea as freshly roasted coffee, you want to use freshly ground coffee to make a perfect cup of coffee. Grind your coffee beans immediately before you will be using them. The closer to brew time that you grind your beans, the better flavor you will get.

A burr-style grinder is the best. Instead of blades, they use burrs to crush the beans. This creates a more even grind which translates into a better flavor from the beans.

Use A Clean Coffee Pot to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

A clean coffee pot is a must. Never skip this step. The old residue from past pots of coffee will flavor your cup of coffee. All of the other things you do to make the perfect cup of coffee will be lost. Wash any residue including coffee oils from the pot, then rinse well.

Good Water is Necessary

Your coffee will only taste as good as your water. If your tap water has plenty of those little extras, it will show up in your coffee flavor. To make the perfect cup of coffee, start with good water. If you can get natural spring water, all the better. If you do use your own tap water, let it run a bit first. You want to rinse any residue out of your pipes and faucet before you fill your coffee pot.

Test Out Coffee Grinds and Flavors

The flavor of your coffee will depend on your own taste, of course. So do some testing of different coffee roasts, and different roasting flavors to find what you like best. Determine whether you prefer light roasts, dark roasts or something in between.

Learn More to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

There are certainly many additional tips that may help you make a perfect cup of coffee. The National Coffee Association has more tips for you. So read up on more tips when you want to become an expert and learn how to make a perfect cup of coffee for yourself.