Coffee Christmas Ornaments are Great Gifts

Coffee Lovers Christmas Tree OrnamentsI am surrounded by coffee lovers!  Coffee Christmas ornaments would be wonderful gifts to give to  them, especially if we often drink coffee together.  I would select a coffee ornament based on the activities we share.  For instance, back in my days of carpooling, the travel mug ornament would be perfect.

If that friend happened to be someone I frequently chatted with over coffee, I would definitely choose the “Just One More Cup” ornament.  After all, with just one more cup of coffee, we can extend our visiting time together.  I always hate to see those fun times end when we have to get back to real life and work.

There is also a fabulous espresso machine ornament for friends who love a delicious cup of cappuccino or espresso.

So, pour me another cup, and let’s get started!


The Espresso Machine Christmas Tree Ornament

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One really pretty ornament for coffee lovers is the espresso machine.  Even if you don’t drink espresso or cappuccino, this is still a beautiful ornament for friends who drink coffee together.

This ornament is mouth blown and hand painted which will ensure it will be a highly prized collectible that would be treasured by the recipient.

Beautiful, meticulous craftsmanship.  Keep in mind, because these ornaments are hand-painted, each one may vary slightly from any other.

Approximate Size: 2.75″ H x 2.25″ W


Coffee to Go Cup Christmas Ornament

For commuters or carpooling friends, the Coffee to Go Cup ornament will hold a very special meaning.  They may bring back some really great memories, or even remind  them of frustrating times that you shared together.  We all know sharing those moments together can create a lasting bound.

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Coffee Lovers Ornaments

It is always a pleasure to share a delicious cup of coffee with a friend.  Either of those ornaments would be a cherished gift for many years to come.  Not only because it was a gift from you, but it will also serve as a great reminder of good times together.

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