Coffee, Blanket & Book Equals the Perfect Combination

 CafePress – Book Lovers Blanket 3 MugCheck PriceNow that our weather is finally turning cooler, I often want to curl up under a blanket with a good book and a great cup of coffee.

My favorite coffee blend when reading is a lighter blend like Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend.  I am thrilled that it is available in k-cups.  Because the members of my family have differing coffee preferences, the single serve of a k-cup sure makes everything a lot easier for me.

My favorite blanket is a lightweight throw that I keep on the back of my couch.  These days, my favorite book can be found on my Kindle.

So, give me a day off, my coffee, my blankie and my Kindle and I will be a happy camper all day long.  Oh, and unplug the phone!  No doorbells either please.


Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend

 Caribou Coffee Daybreak Morning Blend, K-CupsCheck Price

The Caribou Morning Blend is the coffee blend I choose most often.  Mainly because I drink several cups of coffee a day.

I also prefer the smoother taste of the light roast morning blend.  There are several other smooth blend options that are featured here on Koffee Kingdom and they are excellent too.

I tend to buy my k-cup coffee in bulk sizes of 96 count boxes when it is a brand and blend I know I like.  The larger boxes are a lot less expensive than the boxes of 12 or 18 k-cups.  Sometimes they are as much as half the price per serving than the smaller count boxes.


The Blanket and My Kindle

The blanket I always grab was a gift from my daughter several years ago.  It is soft, lightweight and machine washable.  It just happens to be a creamy coffee color.

My personal Kindle is the Paperwhite Kindle.  You can read my review of that Kindle by clicking the following link:  Kindle Paperwhite Review.

 Kindle Paperwhite (16 GB)Check Price Geniospin Ultra Soft Throw BlanketCheck Price

Coffee, Blanket & Book Equals a Great Combination