Bunn Coffee Makers for More Flavor, Fast

bunn coffee makers
BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Brewerbunn coffee makers

Bunn coffee makers are different from the majority of coffee makers available. Sure, they look pretty much the same but the way they brew their coffee is a different process compared to standard drip machines.

Bunn has been around a long time and they put their know-how into every coffee maker they manufacture. It’s one of the reasons it’s the most popular machine choice in the restaurant industry. Wouldn’t you love a more flavorful cup of coffee?

Why Bunn Coffee Makers?

I admit it. I didn’t know how great Bunn coffee makers were until my little sister educated me. (Thanks Heather!) We both love our coffee and, in fact, it is required rather quickly after we wake up or there is one unhappy mother floating around our homes.

Anyway, she had been wanting one for a while for various reasons. Her father-in-law came to the rescue one Christmas and she was thrilled! Let me give you a list of benefits for owners of the Bunn coffee makers:

  • Bunn coffee makers hold a pot of heated water in their reservoir, ready to go. When you pour in a cold pot to start the brewing process, this triggers the already perfect temperature water to pour over the grounds. This means you get a piping hot, fresh pot of coffee in 3 minutes or less!
  • I mentioned the “pour over” above. It’s the process of brewing coffee that Bunn is famous for. Instead of having to wait for water to heat, then drip over the grounds, and filter through to the pot, Bunn uses the pour over method. The already heated water is “poured over” the grounds quickly. This means it will extract the optimal flavor from the grounds. Drip coffee makers drip unevenly causing some grounds to be under-extracted while others are over-extracted. That can mean bitter pot of coffee.
  • Bunn was in the commercial side of the coffee maker business long before it entered the home market. Their commercial accounts always needed fresh, hot coffee fast to keep up with their customer demands. They took the technology they developed for restaurants and in 1972 made it available to anyone by manufacturing their first home market coffee maker.
  • Most Bunn coffee makers do not have a lot of buttons and choices. This means there is less to go wrong with their product. Pretty lights and LCD readouts are great but not necessary for someone that just wants a great cup of coffee.

Pick From a Variety of  Bunn Coffee Makers

Today, Bunn has a very nice line of home coffee makers. Every one of them is a winner. You just need to choose the options you want for your coffee maker and off you go! Here are some of the models available right now:

Any one of the above Bunn coffee makers is perfect for home use. You just have to decide glass or thermal carafe, programmable or not and colors.

The next time you are in the market for a coffee maker, consider a Bunn. I know you’ll be as happy as I am with mine!