Coffee Mug Racks & Holders

Coffee Mug Racks & Holders are Essential in Our Home!

coffee mug racks and holdersIt is true!  While it is hard for me to believe, we have lived in our current home for nearly 2 decades and we have completely outgrown, or out collected, the room in our kitchen cabinets.   I tried cleaning out the cabinets, but after reorganizing I found I had less space than I did when I started the feat.  I gave away as much as I felt I could separate myself from, stored even more in the attic and I still needed a mug holder.  Therefore, I went in search of a pretty mug holder that could sit on my kitchen counter, slightly behind and beside my Keurig coffee maker.

Surprisingly, I really love this coffee mug holder!  It holds 6 coffee mugs and doesn’t turn over if one side of the coffee mug tree is empty.  We put the mugs we use everyday on that holder so they never get a chance of collecting dust.  Now, there is room in the cabinet to store the less often used coffee mugs that we grab when we have guests.

Personally, I love the scroll design and the black color of our coffee mug holder.  Obviously, the color matches my coffee maker nicely.  It is also fairly small by comparison and requires a minimal amount of counter space.  In our case, that space was previously unused so the holder is perfect for us.   One other definite positive is that it easily wipes clean from splatters and dust.

As an aside, I also treated myself to the matching paper towel holder.

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Decorative Wall Mounted Coffee Mug Racks

I realize not everyone has extra counter space for a mug holder.  I have a good friend who opted for a coffee mug rack that hangs on her wall next to her coffee maker.  She has been extremely happy with her choice.  Her rack holds more coffee mugs than my holder does which have freed up even more space in her cabinets.  I may end up adding a wall hanging coffee mug rack myself in a few more years.  I just have to find a place on the wall!

My friend oped for the plain brown peg style, but I was thinking I might prefer a more decorative style.

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Truthfully, many coat racks will work for coffee mugs.  Let’s face it!  A coffee mug weighs a lot less than a coat, so if it will hold several coats, it will hold several coffee mugs.   Just make sure the “hangers” have a deep enough hoop to hold a coffee mug handle without letting it slip off.