Morphing Mugs with Hidden Messages for Father’s Day

Hidden Message mugDo you have a special Father’s Day message that you would like to give to your dad, but you don’t want the whole world to see it?  Then, how about a morphing mug for Dad!

That is exactly right!  No one can see the image or message until the mug is hot.  When it is sitting on a shelf or hanging on the mug rack the secret message is hidden from prying eyes.

You and your dad can sit at the kitchen table surrounded by other family members and friends, sharing that secret that only the two of you know, until …….


The Mug Morphs into A Special Message for Dad

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“Father Says” Morphing Coffee Mug

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Fathers are always full of great wisdom.  They often share their knowledge in a variety of ways.  Sometimes they lead by action.  Other times, they offer their pearls of wisdom at just the right time and we feel very appreciative of their experience that helps guide us.

But, there are also those sayings that we heard so often in childhood that they revisit us at some very inopportune times.  We try to silence them, but they are there!

Just like this mug, we try to cover them up, but in the heat of the moment, they reappear.

I was chatting with my sister when I came across this coffee cup for dad.  We were actually having a serious conversation on the phone.   Well, in truth, she was talking and I was reading these sayings even though I was supposed to be listening.  When I got down to #4, I started dying laughing.  Definitely not the best timing!

Had to just back in my mind to #5 to recognize what happens when you get caught.


Another Message for Dad

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Remember how when you were a child if you accidentally said one of “those words” in front of you dad?  You know, the words that were always reserved for friends only.  You would pray he didn’t hear you, but then he would totally freak out on you for using those words.

Or, maybe you just wanna see your dad spit coffee across the room!

This is the morphing mug for you to give to your dad.

I wonder if he will have your mother wash your mouth out with soap for this one.   Oh, wait!  Maybe he doesn’t know what that “f” word means.

Nope!  You not any luckier today than you were back then.


More Morphing Mugs

Morphing mugs are pretty cool!  I gave several as gifts this past Christmas and decided they would be equally as for for Father’s Day gifts.  If you didn’t find exactly what you wanted here, check out the rest by clicking. here. 


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