Coffee Pods — Unique Ways to Display Them

Coffee pods are a part of life if you are lucky enough to own a Keurig coffee maker. Having a variety of flavors on hand and a way to get to them simply is a task every Keurig owner longs to find. You can get coffee pod organizers but I prefer something in my kitchen with a little more character and fun.

A little imagination and creativity can go a long way when coming up with ways to display your k-cups that are unique and different. Think outside the box… soon your relatives and friends will be clamoring to come to your house for coffee!

K-cups on Display in Your Kitchen

There are a lot of different ways to display your k-cups. The k-cup coffee  pod storage and organization containers are one way to go, if a bit boring. They definitely work well, but I just prefer to use items that go along with the look and feel in the kitchen and maybe even, repurposed item — meaning using an item not designed for the purpose of holding coffee pods.

The first thing that comes to my mind as fitting for holding something as well as looking good in a kitchen is a basket. I think a wire basket would be nice. What about one of these?

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I just love the bit of whimsy these wire baskets bring to the counter top. I am torn between them though. I really like the 2 tiered basket for something different but the coffee cup and tea pot are different too. Bother! I’m not getting any closer to deciding for myself, so lets add a few more choices to make it interesting!

Themed Holders for Coffee Pods

These themed holders are so cute, too. They are made so that you can read the flavor of coffee, tea, cocoa it is holding. They’re a bit more organized but still very unique!

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Find Something Different and Go For It!

You will see tons and tons of the spinner pod holder racks made by Keurig and the competition. They are not unique or even very pretty. To me they are utilitarian and belong in an office or workplace, not in my home. I want cozy, homey, inviting with a bit of whimsy in my kitchen.

Any of the above coffee pods holders would look great in most kitchens or you can look at some of the others available here. Find one you love and add some whimsy to your kitchen today!